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Can Featured Employer ads promote a product or service?

No. Featured Employers ads are designed to provide our partners with an opportunity to highlight their ERGs, inclusive culture, etc., supporting their Talent Marketing efforts. Ads for specific products, services, or offerings are not permitted.

What are Featured Employer ads?

Featured Employer ads are one of our Talent Marketing benefits offered to Ergtopia partners, providing them an opportunity to place an ad on our website. This is intended to give our partners an opportunity to highlight their ERGs, inclusive culture, and drive traffic to their careers webpage or other non-sales focused webpage.

Does Ergtopia offer subscriptions for individuals who are not part of an organization or whose organization is not an Ergtopia partner?

No. Currently, we do not offer individual subscriptions to Ergtopia content.

Can ERG leaders from partner organizations request an Advisory call?

ERG leaders can request Advisory support so long as they receive approval from their organization's point-of-contact and request a call through the appropriate channels. However, Advisory is intended for HR and/or DEI professionals, or otherwise for those whose role involves managing the organization's ERG program and strategy.

Can I amend my submission after I've submitted?

Yes. If you need to make an amendment to your submission, please contact us.

Will we be given a preview of our score before awards are released?

Yes. All submissions will be scored and returned to the primary contact on file prior to the release of the designees and results to the public. However, we ask that you do not share your results until the official launch date (to be communicated).

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