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ERG Advisory Board

Bringing together ERG leaders and stakeholders from across our partner network.

Bringing ERG leaders together

The ERG Advisory Board is a voluntary community of practice made up of ERG leaders and stakeholders from across our network of partner organizations, who come together to address shared challenges, identify solutions, and share insights.

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Foster professional growth & networking

The ERG Advisory Board provides an opportunity for members to build connection with peers and grow as ERG leaders and professionals.

Cultivate & share leading practices

Identify common challenges facing ERGs across organizations and collaborate with peers to find solutions and share knowledge.

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Member spotlight

"The Advisory Board has given me so many opportunities to connect with peers and build my skills as a leader."

Candace Owens

Executive sponsor at X Company

"I've made so many great connections and expanded my network while discovering leading practices to elevate my skills as an ERG leader."

Sam Smith

ERG program manager

"I've enjoyed the many opportunities to learn and share leading practices and identify common challenges we face."

Peter Miller

ERG Leader at Company

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Help shape & inform Ergtopia resources

We work closely with the ERG Advisory Board to make sure that our resources and solutions address the needs and challenges of our partners.

Join the Advisory Board

Become an Ergtopia partner to join the Advisory Board and access other actionable benefits designed to help you maximize the impact of your ERGs.

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