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Driving engagement with communication

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive workplace culture and supporting business objectives. However, their success hinges greatly on the active participation and engagement of members. Effective communication is the cornerstone of driving this engagement. Below are five trusted strategies to help drive member engagement with communication.

1. Use clear, consistent messaging 

Establishing clear and consistent messaging is fundamental. ERGs should define their mission, goals, and activities clearly and early on to help ensure that all communications align with these core elements. Regular updates through newsletters, intranet postings, and email campaigns help keep members informed and engaged. Consistency in messaging builds trust and reinforces the ERG’s objectives. Make sure to connect with your organization’s internal communications team for support in building out your communication plan.

2. Leverage multiple communications channels

Because different employees may prefer different communication methods, leveraging multiple channels can help maximize your reach and engagement. Utilize emails, internal social media platforms, company intranets, and even physical bulletin boards where possible. Hosting regular virtual and in-person meetings or events can also provide valuable touchpoints for members to stay connected and engaged with you and one another.

3. Make your communication personal 

Personalizing communication can help increase engagement. Sending personalized emails, targeted content, and addressing members by their name can be a simple way to make your communications feel more relevant and engaging. This approach shows that the ERG values each member’s unique contributions and interests, and can be an especially effective strategy when trying to solicit volunteers.

4. Create interactive and engaging content

Static content can lead to disengagement among members. Instead, focus on creating interactive and engaging content. Utilize surveys, polls, and feedback forms to encourage member participation and promote a sense of shared ownership. Interactive elements not only make communication more engaging but also provide valuable insights into members’ needs and preferences, which can inform future activities and strategies.

5. Highlight member contributions and success stories

Recognizing and celebrating member contributions and successes can foster a sense of belonging, pride, and shared ownership in the ERG. Regularly feature member achievements, testimonials, and case studies in communications. This not only highlights the impact and value of the ERG but also may help to motivate others to participate and contribute.

ERGs are only as strong as their members—and communication is essential in driving member engagement. The above strategies can help to set your ERG’s engagement off on the right track and promote growth, impact, and shared success.

Ian Waltman
Jul 4, 2024

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