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BWERG criteria

To earn "One of the Best Workplaces for ERGs" designation, an organization must meet all of the criteria detailed below.

Category 1: Program support

  1. The organization has a formal diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) strategy in place that includes employee resource groups (ERGs)

  2. The organization has at least five ERGs spanning five different diversity dimensions 

  3. The organization has at least one full-time employee whose role involves managing the ERG program

  4. The organization has a dedicated ERG budget in place and a process for ERGs to request funding 

Category 2: Leadership

  1. Each ERG has at least one executive sponsor who is a senior business leader 

  2. Senior leaders encourage participation in ERGs 

  3. ERG leaders are given leadership development opportunities 

Category 3: Governance

  1. ERG metrics are tracked and reported to senior leadership at least once per year 

  2. The organization has a governance structure for ERGs that includes goal setting and accountability measures

  3. The organization has guidelines for ERGs that clearly outline expectations and list the steps to take to start an ERG

  4. The organization provides guidance to ERGs on succession planning 

Category 4: Inclusive culture

  1. The organization demonstrates a visible commitment to supporting ERGs 

  2. The organization communicates the value of ERGs to all employees at least once per year

  3. ERGs are consulted on relevant DEI efforts

  4. ERGs play a role in recruiting and onboarding new employees 

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